Mar 24, 2021

This is the big winter job. It will last until the end of March.

During these long days, 80% of the branches that have grown between April and August will be eliminated by the pruner.

Why prune?

If the vine is not pruned, it will produce a lot of wood at the expense of fruit.

How does it work?

At the domain, we practice goblet pruning, adapted to our grape variety, the Gamay noir with white juice, and to our appellations.

The quality of the future vintage will depend on this apparently repetitive work, but much more delicate than one might think.
Indeed, each vine is unique. The winemaker will shape the vine for perfect development.

The goblet pruning consists in forming four arms from a central foot in order to distribute and aerate the future bunches. The bunches thus arranged will not touch each other and the slightest air current will easily circulate around the berries. The vegetation will then form a parasol that will protect the berries from sunburn.

The work is done in three dimensions. You have to project yourself into the space to create a living structure.